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1970s Fighting MS
1990 - Healed for 6 Years
2001 - Age 56

2009 - Age 64

Others Will Notice a Younger Looking You After The Emotional  Balancing of 
Life Clean Out!

ABH and NATH in 1996 awarded Gary the honor of “Outstanding Transpersonal Contribution In The Field of Bridging Mind, Body, Spirit.” as the recognized leader in his field and his dedication to the healing of others.

What is the Quantum Experience?

The Quantum Experience is a self guided training process in which you find yourself actually going inside your energy field to where you reside as spirit and that which is eternal. You find the thinker of the thought and the creator of your experience. You find the Quantum whole of a holographic universe within. You find your heart and soul and center of love. Here you find you are not your problems, your dis-ease, or your disease. You were there during the creation of problems and dis-ease and now with all the resources of the Universe available, you in your connection with God have the opportunity to turn the healing process on as the desire of your heart. The process also teaches you how to reach out to others to aid them in the healing process. The Quantum Experience offers all the ability to feel their energy movement inside the body as well as out. Many have learned quickly the secrets for getting to a deep meditative level.

Gary Sinclair personally guides the process on CD when you order the book with the Training CD.


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You may place an order of Your Empowering Spirit. Your book will come personally autographed to you and will include a CD with the complete Quantum Experience Process in Gary's voice for your personal use. It will also include Gary speaking at IONS the Institute Of Noetic Sciences regional meeting.

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